Independent and office collaboration

2010 - 2011 - Gruppo Sae s.r.l, Turin, Italy 
This office is specialized in public construction. 

2009 - Renovation of a 19th century palazzo, Turin, Italy.   
Client: Private client

2009 - I binari della cittą – Competition, Mestre, Italy. | web

2008 - Eisenman Architects, NY, USA   | web
Collaboration with Peter Eisenman in NY for: Pompei Santuario Train station, Italy (Publication in GA Documents n.97), Competition for the new Rugby stadium “Jean Bouin”, Paris, France. 

2007 - Percorsi urbani (“Urban Landscapes”) | web
Exhibition with the artist Barbara DePonti. Turin, Italy. 

2006 - Design of a 120 m2 dining room. Turin, Italy | web
Client: The Jewish Community of Turin  €110,000. 

2004-2005 - Pier Paolo Maggiora, Turin, Italy (CityLife project, Milan) | web
The city life project consisted in residential, commercial  and exhibition buildings and included 3 skyscrapers intended as office space. The group is made of Daniel Libesking, Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki e Pier Paolo Maggiora.

2004 - Interior design – 250m2 of a residential space. Turin, Italy
Client: Private client €250,000.

2003 - Competition. Rijeka, Croatia,  Europan 7.

2000 - Boris Podreca e Pietro Derossi, Turin, Italy | web
Competition for a railway station and an office building in Turin, Italy. It consisted in a 15,000m2 passenger terminal and  a 150m high and 35,000m2 tower, for the new Turin Porta Susa station. 

Arch. Lior Shlomo, Piazza Carlo Felice 30, 10121, Torino, Italy.